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Features of Instagram Leads

This software allows you to generate interaction thanks to AI, in particular through messages, story views, comments and unlimited replies, all at the click of a button!

How it works Instagram Leads


Attract thousands of views to your posts and boost your subscriber numbers in record time


Interact in a targeted and personalised way with the accounts that interest you most


Generate up to 80 ultra-qualified leads a day and talk to them directly by private message


Engage in stories thanks to likes, reactions and by responding to your prospects' stories thanks to AI


Send messages automatically generated by AI to canvass according to your prospecting criteria, but also to maintain your relationships, in particular by automatically welcoming your new followers.

Suivre/dé-suivre intelligent

Optimise your online presence with a perfect balance of subscriptions and followers, thanks to automated follow/unfollow

Prospecting for subscribers from your competitors.

Target and engage in conversations with your competitors’ subscribers, ultra-qualified prospects who are interested in your services.

Targeting of videos and random watchtimes.

Boost your engagement with precise keyword targeting and automated random playback of videos

Intelligent comment with ChatGpt

Benefit from intelligent responses generated by ChatGPT AI for natural interactions, as if you had written them.

Like and add automatic comments.

Interact in a personalised way and create authentic relationships thanks to dozens of pre-recorded and customisable comments.

Sending automatic and personalised DMs

Automate your prospecting and convert your qualified leads by sending personalised messages directly to Instagram.

Video training INCLUDED !

  • Full configuration of Instagram Leads. I’ll tell you all about it on my screen.
    Multi-accounts: the foolproof strategy for managing several Instagram accounts and getting them to interact.
    How to create your own personalised messages for prospecting + 5 all-purpose templates that you just have to copy.
    The 3 accelerators to boost your business organically thanks to 100% automated prospecting.
    How to increase the visibility of your account and your content by a factor of 5.
    Become an Instagram influencer in 30 days – Discover the key steps to building an audience and launching your influencer career in just a few weeks.

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