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With Lebot.io, you can automate your prospecting in 5 minutes, without any technical skills.

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How to find customers with Lebot.io ?

1. Choose the pack that suits your needs

Register (take a look at the training provided for each software to get maximum results)

2. Choose your preferred network

Choose the network that suits you best (TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (X) WhatsApp etc.) depending on the pack you have chosen.

3. Create the message of your choice

Create the right message for your target audience and the level of engagement you want. (Don't worry if you don't have any ideas, we can provide you with a hundred or so sample messages).

4. Target your prospects

Ciblez vos prospects selon vos critères (intérêts, genre, localisation, concurrents, niches, etc…)

5. Admire the result

Your campaign is ready, launch it. Relax with a delicious non-alcoholic cocktail and admire the results.

6. Generate your first sales

Respond to your prospects and make sales.

7. Take advantage of multi-channel CRM

Closely monitor your exchanges with customers and prospects, and increase your conversion rate by 30% (available soon)

7. Take advantage of multi-channel CRM

Closely monitor your exchanges with customers and prospects, and increase your conversion rate by 30% (available soon)

Automatically send invitations and messages to the network of your choice

LeBot.io contacts up to 250 new prospects a day, or 7500 prospects a month automatically. Each of your messages will be personalised for more effective communication.

Target the right people and save time

Your messages will only be sent to the category of people you define. For example, you can target by gender, country, interests and many other choices.

Find customers without technical skills

It’s never been easier to get in touch with thousands of targeted people. You’re just 1 click away from finding your new customers.

Is LeBot.io made for you?


Get appointments automatically. No technical skills required.


Make yourself known in your town and boost your sales.

Network marketing / VDI

Find customers and recruit new partners easily.


Generate new opportunities in just 3 minutes a day.

Why choose

LeBot.io is the ideal platform for finding your customers and increasing your engagement on social networks, because no IT skills are required.

Unique quality

Optimum performance, rock-solid reliability and a unique user experience.

Considerable time savings

Bot.io launches in just a few clicks and works on auto-pilot. You can relax and spend time on what's important to you.

Immediate results

Our users report instant results. After the first few hours of use, they're already getting answers!

Accessible to all entrepreneurs

Watch your sales grow, for less than the price of a coffee a day. Bot.io offers a solution accessible to all budgets.

No technical knowledge required

You don't need any digital skills to automatically prospect on the internet. Thanks to our platform, you can start prospecting in less than 5 minutes!

Daily assistance

Assistance available every day to guide you and help you achieve good results?

LeBot.io it's...

A company that designs and markets innovative software that meets the needs of companies looking to improve their performance.


Optimum performance, rock-solid reliability and a unique user experience.


A responsive team to answer all your questions and guide you.


Easy to set up and handle, for efficient, independent use.


Save time and money by automating tedious, repetitive tasks.


Find out more about frequently asked questions.

LeBot.Io is the easiest solution to use. If you're looking for a tool that's easy to use and effective, you've come to the right place.

LeBot.io costs from $49.90 to $149.99 per month, depending on your needs, with no commitment required. You can find all the plans on the dedicated page

LeBot.io has been designed to become the No. 1 tool for prospecting on ALL social networks.
Social networks allow you to create new relationships and then nurture them in order to turn them into sales.
The LeBot.io tools allow you to develop your cold and hot markets.

Our primary objective is to become the number 1 platform for prospecting on social networks. Facebook and Instagram, and we're already developing extraordinary tools for the other social networks. Our users will be the first to know about developments and upcoming releases.

By opting for the ULTRA pack, you can contact up to 250 qualified prospects per day.

All our subscriptions are non-binding and can be upgraded as you wish. Would you like to make a change? Do it directly in your customer area or contact our customer support.

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Finding customers just got easier.

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